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Great fun on the water!

This superb kid’s party idea sees the group take to the water for a fun packed hour and a half on the water on their own windsurfer. Basically a big surfboard with a sail! You get the picture

After getting into their wetsuits, safety helmets and buoyancy aids, the children will be shown by our highly trained and friendly Instructors how to operate the controls on land to familiarise themselves with all the basics
And don’t worry about always falling off. This activity is much easier these days with the addition of large and very buoyant boards

You’ll go out as a group with your personal Instructor, who will make sure you stay safe whilst having loads of fun. If you manage to get to grips with it, this activity can make you look REALLY cool!

The location is absolutely ideal for this activity too. It’s set on one of the finest and safest reservoirs in Derbyshire and the Peak District, and there are great facilities on site too, including a café and a restaurant. And there’s lots of BBQ’s available dotted around the reservoir too, so if you want to bring a picnic or order some party food you can make a day of it. There are always lots of water sports taking place, so there’s plenty of entertainment to keep the children occupied while having some food

So, we’re guessing that house party playing pass the parcel again isn’t looking so favourable now is it? We know, we know, we’ve got kids too!!

HDK Kids organised a fantastic birthday party for Harry.
Karen - Mum

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