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A childrens' party idea to look back on for years! So who wants to be a star for the day?

This is just great fun –a real photo shoot for kids groups and children’s parties. We’ll make them feel like their favourite pop singer or movie star!

This is a children’s party idea that everyone can look back on for years and years to come

We invite you to come along to our state of the art professional photographic studio in Derby for an unforgettable experience, and by all means bring your own props and outfits along too if you like. Show offs and superstars alike are very, very welcome!

Or if you’re having a party at home or at another venue that’s fab too. Our professional photographers can come along to the venue of your choice and take some really cool pictures while the party is in full swing. We can take some portraits, some group shots or we can do awesome ‘fly on the wall’ shots if you prefer

And the end result – everyone gets some great photos to show off to their friends. This unique package gives the mums and dads a well-earned break whilst we entertain your little darlings. Make way for the paparazzi!

HDK Kids organised a fantastic birthday party for Harry.
Karen - Mum

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