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A childrens party that feels like being in a computer game - only BETTER!!

Fact. This is one of the most exciting parties your child will ever have! In fact, nearly all of the children that come along to this activity say it’s their best day ever

Our Jungle Laser Combat outdoor activity is fantastic fun, and all the kids will be raving about it for weeks afterwards! A children’s party idea like this just ticks all the boxes

Using state of the art laser guns, kids can play out all their action and adventure dreams in the purpose built outdoor laser combat zones

A few of these include

Sandbag Bunkers – there are 2 camp bases with a massive missile in the centre surrounded by trenches, barriers and sandbags. Simple plan – eliminate all the enemy

The Village – there’s an abandoned village set in the heart of the jungle. Somewhere in the middle of the village there is a secret package – can you find it and bring it back to your base whilst fighting off the enemy? Oh did we mention there are underground tunnels too?

The Jungle – sneak into the thick and dense jungle. Two teams start at opposite ends – your objective: to get to your enemies base, steal their team flag and get it back to your stronghold before they get to yours. So, what’s your plan? Who’s going to attack and who’s going to defend?

The Bridge – deep in the heart of the forest there’s a rumour that a rickety bridge hangs over a swamp. And a nasty croc lives there too – a BIG one! Your team needs to get to the other side to win. Everything looks quiet, you take that first step………….what was that moving in the bushes?!

Speedball – as the name suggests it’s all about being fast in the speedball arena. Capture the flag and get it to your enemies’ base. Be quick – you only have 5 minutes! Go go go!!!!!

The Castle – yes we have a castle deep in the forest. Each team will get the chance to attack the fortress and of course they’ll get their turn to defend it too. Can you protect your flag whilst the enemy is trying to break in? When you’re defending you have to stay in your compound and protect the flag. When you’re attacking you use the whole field to your advantage to flank, assault and storm the compound in an effort to steal that flag. This is real last man standing stuff and it’s really exciting!

One of the great things about Laser Tag is there are no additional costs involved. All players get multiple lives and the ammunition is included in the cost. In the sessions we’ll run approx. 7 games, which means the children will get to experience all of our battle zones

As well as being very accurate, the guns are realistic sounding too. No more ‘pow pow zap zap’ here. When you get shot the gun shouts at you, and when you’re out of the game it screams ‘medic, medic man down!’ These guns are literally the best available in the UK!

And because there’s no paint flying around we can also welcome spectators to come and watch all the action right by the side of the battle zones. So mums and dads, bring those cameras and camcorders to create a keepsake that the kids will be watching again and again

Don’t want the fun to end? No problem – our camp HQ is kitted out to look like a real army barracks, and we’ve got lots of tables and chairs for you to have a party meal after the activity. Either bring your own food and drinks, or let us take the strain out of it and order one of our party meals. And by all means bring along some banners and balloons if it’s a special occasion

Party Meal Options

Everyone gets a jacket potato with cheese and beans – £4pp

A range of sandwiches with crisps & chocolate bars – £4pp

BBQ – sausages, burgers, bread rolls and side salads – £7pp (min 10 people)

HDK Kids organised a fantastic birthday party for Harry.
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