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Here come's the next Little Mix!

3 hours
Minimum participants
Maximum participants
Discounts available
On bookings of 15+ kids
At a glance

Numerous studios throughout Derbyshire & Staffordshire
Choose from over 12,000 high quality backing tracks
A copy of the lyrics sheets will be provided to each participant
Personal Producer/Engineer on the day
Videography, Choreography, Photography and Catering can be added
Upload of track onto the Official Chart – yes really!
Digital download copy available after your session

Can Bring Your Own Party Food
Ideal for Boys
Ideal for Girls
Party Food Options
Spectators Allowed
Upgrades Available
£42 per child
Could your song go viral??

Things have changed in the music industry. No longer do you have to rely on a huge recording deal to get noticed. Nope – now it’s all about raw talent, and putting yourselves out there these days.

So, you fancy a session in a professional recording studio do you? Bring your friends with you, and with the help of our amazing technology and Producers we’ll prove to you just how amazing you really can sound! Seriously, you won’t believe it! Get ready for A-Lister status baby!

Our kids popstar party is the ultimate in kids parties. It’s the perfect opportunity for your child and their friends to truly experience what it’s like to be a popstar for the day. This is a fantastic, unique experience for all to share, whether it be for birthdays, Christmas, celebrating those great exam results or heck………..just for fun.

With our recording packages for kids, we can create a bespoke entertainment experience designed to unleash the pop-stars within them!

On the day of the session, you’ll be greeted by your very own professional Engineer who will help with the groups arrangements for the recording.

No Pre-Madonnas please! When you step into the recording studio and see the microphones all poised and ready for use, it sends a shiver down your spine! This is your time to shine…..

We can record all the vocal parts together as one group, or depending on the size of the group we can split the team into smaller groups where each group will take turns in recording the portions of the songs.

Every child will receive a copy of the lyrics, and we’ll go through some warm up exercises to get everyone in the swing of things. LA LA LAAAAAAAA!! Once the vocals are recorded, the tracks will be mixed and mastered in our studio and (this is the cool bit!) will be released onto the Official Chart. We ain’t kiddin! Your track will be submitted to the real Official Chart! This isn’t kids stuff after all.

Along with this we can arrange for a digital download to be available of your track. You can share this with your friends, and we’re making a promise that you’ll be the talk of the playground. Now then, where’s my limousine?

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