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Enter the inflatable battlefield!

1 hour to 90 mins
Minimum participants
Maximum participants
Discounts available
At a glance

This activity is brought to your chosen location
Experienced Instructors to ensure your safety
Variety of Nerf Guns
Unlimited ammo
Inflatable barricades
Safety glasses provided

Activity Brought to Your Venue
All Materials Supplied
Can Bring Your Own Party Food
Guns & Ammo Provided
Ideal for Boys
Ideal for Girls
Safety Glasses Provided
Spectators Allowed
Upgrades Available
Blast your way to Victory!

Check out this brand new spine tingling mobile NERF inflatable battlefield! How cool is this for an amazing and exciting kids birthday party activity?

It’s been specially built to give your kids an amazing fun experience, plus we’ve made sure that it’s super safe to take part.

This is one of our mobile activities, so we can bring all the action to a venue of your choice. All we need is some space to set out the inflatable battlefield. And we can set it up indoors or outdoors, so it’s even suitable to be set up at your home if you’ve got a decent sized garden. If you don’t have a venue in mind we can help you with that too, but bear in mind that there would be additional costs for this. We’ll talk through the options when we speak to you about your booking.

We guarantee to give your child and their friends a truly unforgettable Nerf Gun Party experience as they blast their way to victory! We’ll provide the thrills and excitement of “Paintball” without the bruises and mess.

We’ve deliberately incorporated fun into teaching great values such as good sportsmanship, co-operation and integrity. Our instructors are hand picked to keep some order to all the fun! Parents can just kick back and enjoy the madness!

Our games let the kids re-live the scenes from their favourite computer games, with adrenaline pumping, breath gasping, voices screeching madness at the top of their lungs! Cool, right?

We’ll run numerous lively games, such as Capture the Flag, Civil War, The BOMB, The President, Retrieve the Bomb, Speed Nerf, Snatch & Grab, and The Predator. This is pure adrenaline. So only book this activity if you’re really up for a right royal battle!

BRAND NEW FOR THE 2020 SEASON – We know that most kids play Fortnite these days, so we’ve got a version of Nerf Wars that copies this games format. Players will start with minimal equipment, and you have to search for weapons and ammo to add to your armory.

Then it’s all about eliminating your opponents. The party will have a mixture of awesome game modes that are from the game. Get ready to be the coolest mum/dad in the playground!

The Nerf Gun Party… the ultimate fun experience whatever your age!

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