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It's MUDDY good fun!

Approx 2 hours
Minimum participants
Maximum participants
Discounts available
At a glance

50 – 200cc Polaris quad bikes
Event Instructors to ensure your safety
Full safety briefing
Practice on the training tracks first
Clean race suits, safety helmets and balaclavas
Locker boxes, so you won’t lose your valuables on the trek
Great showers and changing facilities
Group photo

Car Parking
Changing Facilities
Ideal for Boys
Ideal for Girls
More Activities On Site
Overalls Provided
Safety Helmets Provided
Spectators Allowed
Upgrades Available
£45 per child
Who fancies some muddy good fun then?

If you’ve got a bunch of kids who fancy themselves as thrill-seekers, this super exciting activity is just the ticket! Our Kid’s Quad Trekking centre is based near Ashbourne in Derbyshire, on the Southern tip of the Peak District.

Whether you’re looking at booking your child’s next birthday party, or visiting the area and are looking for some exciting things to do, our centre will tick all your boxes. Superb facilities on site, including great showers, changing rooms and locker boxes. Plenty of car parking too.

We all want to be the coolest Mum and Dad in town, and this is a sure fire winner if you want to put big daft smiles on those kids faces!

With our help, on arrival we’ll get you all measured up for your freshly laundered race suits and safety helmets before getting out on to the grounds to be introduced to the quad bikes. We’ve got a range of childrens sized quads, and they range from 50cc up to 200cc depending on the ages in the group. The bikes are fully automatic, so they’re ideal for all levels of ability. You just get on and ride – it really is as simple as that! The forward gear is variable speed, so there is no changing gear and the speed is controlled by a thumb throttle. The only other control is the brake.

Our Instructors will go through a comprehensive safety briefing with the group, and introduce the controls of the quads. Then we’ll get you all together for a group photo round the quads before we hit the tracks.

First of all we head out to the practice tracks to get everyone used to the controls, so that all members of the group are 100% happy and safe before we head out to the exciting trek! Each trek is different as we have over 200 acres of land to play with, which include mature woodlands, swamps, brooks, open fields, mounds and speed arenas. And the trek is up to 10 miles long so you’ll get a really good go on the quads.

Our experienced instructors are constantly assessing your ability to ensure that you are safe, achieving your potential and having an awesome time.

Right then gang – helmets on and let’s go do this!

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