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Have you got what it takes to survive?

2 to 3 hours
Minimum participants
Maximum participants
Discounts available
On bookings of 15+ kids
At a glance

This activity centre is located in Ashbourne, Derbyshire
Experienced & CRB checked Instructors to ensure your safety
Expert handling demonstrations on each activity
All necessary kit, provisions, utensils, props
Expert feedback by your personal Instructor/s for each activity
Free tea & coffee for the mums and dads
Some great part food packages available
Parents can get involved

All Materials Supplied
Car Parking
Hot/Cold Drinks Available
Ideal for Boys
Ideal for Girls
More Activities On Site
Party Food Options
Spectators Allowed
Upgrades Available
Have you got the skills to survive?

We’ve all seen what those celebrities get up to in the jungle. And we reckon that your kids can give them a run for their money!
For a really, REALLY unique kids party idea, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Come along to our beautiful private country estate for an action packed couple of hours. We’ll teach you some super cool survival skills, but don’t worry you won’t be eating any grubs!

The kids will be put into two teams, and set some really awesome challenges to work together to complete. Everyone gets really helpful and fun advice from their Instructors before trying the activities first hand for themselves.

On each challenge there are golden tokens to be won, just like in the TV programme. It’s all about how many tokens you can win for your team. And there’s everything to play for, as the winning team will receive a prize.

It’s the perfect setting too, as it’s really safe and there’s the added comfort of a log cabin style clubhouse on site with a bar for the mums and dads. Don’t say we don’t think of you too!

Here’s a flavour of the kind of challenges you might be facing –

Shelter Building – learn how to make various types of shelters. For example, the One Pole Poncho, Corded ‘A’ Frame, Bivi Pup Tent, Forest Shelter, Lean To/Front Open A Frame and Para Teepee – you’ll be snug as a bug!

Campfire Making – one of the main aspects of survival is fire – not just for warmth but also for food. So we’ll teach you how to build a campfire!

Wild Food Prep – learn how to skin a rabbit. Not for the feint hearted. And of course not essential! We’ll ask you if you want this in your package when you make your booking.

Camouflage – calling all budding Rambo’s and GI Jane’s! Learn how to use camouflage to blend in with the countryside – great for sneaking up and scaring people.

Survival Kits – you’ll be shown how to make different types of kits and their components, including what they’re used for – i.e. how to make a kitWater – sounds simple eh? Learn how to find, purify, carry and store water – key to survival!

Signalling, Signs & Messaging – no we don’t mean sending a text on your iPhone! Get back to basics and learn how to send wilderness messages without the use of Bluetooth.

Don’t worry mums and dads – our fully trained CRB checked staff are always on hand to ensure everyone has a super and safe time.

There’s no need to rush off after your activity. After all that fun how about sticking around and having a party meal? We can do all the work for you, so you can relax and enjoy every minute of the fun!

Bring along those banners and balloons too if you like! After all, it’s a PARRRTTTTYYYYY!

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